RC Counseling, LLP

"Strive for progress, not perfection"

Our Missi​on

At RC Counseling, LLP we aim to help you succeed in every stage of your life. Our goal is to strive for your progress and emotional well being while remembering and respecting your individuality.​

Our History

RC Counseling has been in business since 2017. It began with two partners Tara Roberts and Rosalie Cespedes. These individuals partnered together because they wanted to make a difference in their community by offering affordable mental health counseling and by helping their client's to understand that perfection does not exist, but progress is continuous.

Our Services

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is the joint process of meeting with a therapist to discuss your current stressors, traumas or ability to function overall on a daily basis. 

Couple's therapy

In a couple's therapy session, the couple is able to discuss their differences, weaknesses and stressors that are hindering their relationship or not allowing them to move ahead within their relationship. Couple's therapy provides a safe space to speak to your loved one without having to feel threatened or judged. 

Family Therapy

Family therapy is conducted when the family dynamics have shifted and the levels of communication are not what they used to be. During different phases of the family dynamics, the family tends to branch out and sometimes, this branching out has a ripple effect that can be modified or treated during therapy.

Child and Adolescent Therapy

Child and Adolescent therapy helps the individual understand their current phase in life. It provides them with a better picture of what is expected of them, how to work with the adults in their lives and how to deal with their everyday stressors of school, friends, family and environment.